Lawsuit against Simplex Healthcare

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A national provider of mail order diabetes supplies denies allegations that it has violated telemarketing laws in Missouri. The Missouri Attorney General’s Office on March 15 filed a lawsuit against Simplex Healthcare, claiming that the provider violated the state’s “No Call” list over a period of more than two years by calling residents who had signed up for the list, which is managed by the attorney general’s office. “Simplex takes compliance with all laws very seriously,” the provider said in a statement. “We are not a telemarketing firm and, therefore, only make...

Level the playing field

As a small business owner in the DME industry, I for one think it is about time CMS and Congress recognize the enormous disparity between mail order and non-mail order reimbursements (“Diabetes payments pushed off a cliff,” HME News, February 2013). Can someone give me a good argument/rationale to not level the playing field? Why is there now an outrage about how this is going to affect beneficiaries? Maybe it is just me, but it seemed less a concern when only mail order DME providers were being affected by the national bid. Could this be because the prevailing thought was that...

A winner reflects

FLETCHER, N.C. – Marcus Suess won mail-order contracts for diabetes supplies in all nine competitive bidding areas in Round 1, but he says the jury’s still out on how well the program works—for providers and beneficiaries. The president of All-States Medical Supply says there are some highs and lows that come with the mail-order contracts. The pricing Getting paid an average of 32% less is a challenge, Suess said. “We had to restructure some things and find where our inefficiencies were,” he said. “We did have to go to lower cost product—we didn’t have as much choice (to offer) patients...